Laura Left was created to help us process our grief after the loss of our children. Laura was the second child we lost in the second trimester in 2015. Maximus was born in February at 19 weeks and Laura was born in December at 25 weeks. They were our first babies. These losses took a huge toll on us as individuals, a couple and a family. We’re still trudging through the dark, murky waters of grief and loss and hope to help others feel comfortable telling their story while hoping to heal after child loss.

Register for an account and post your story in our Community. You can add pictures, too. If we help each other, we can all get through the hard times in life. Grief is a hard journey. Death is forever. Dealing with family, friends, coworkers and life in general after losing someone close is incredibly difficult. Life is hard, but you’re not the only one out there who thinks that way. I am grateful for the internet for giving us the ability to connect with people who understand what we’re going through, in the hopes that it will be used for good instead of evil.

In the words of Bill & Ted: “Be excellent to each other.”

Laura’s Story
Max’s Story

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